Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Look Ugly in a Photograph

A teacher recently told me that to be a filmmaker, I would have to get better at photography.


I think my sister lucked out in the genetic lottery as she is the more talented one when it comes to a camera. She has an uncanny ability to take any digital camera, lift it over her head and take amazing pictures. I always want her to come to concerts with me because the pictures she takes are unbelievable. It's a struggle for me to set up a shot and usually my few good photos are the result of waiting for the exact moment I want to capture.

It's a lot of work but I enjoy it more because it's such a struggle to get something I like. My favourite pictures are the kind with a lot of potential energy in them.

I also love taking "stalker" photos

This last one is my favourite picture of all the ones I've taken. When I visited Bangladesh, every time I'd whip out of camera, people would line up and pose. I wanted to remember the trip as it was so I would sneak my camera out and set it on tables and just snap it really quick.

I like using photos as a journal and taking random pictures of whatever catches my eye. I took about 1500 pictures while in Australia and probably twice that when I was in Bangladesh. I've been doing a picture a day for a year thing over on Facebook for about two months and I take about 10 or so a day for that.

Practice makes perfect right? Eventually I'll be able to take a picture and not immediately want to delete it.

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