Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Underrated Women and the Girl Who Emulates Most of Them

Since I made a post about my favourite underrated guys, I thought it was only fair to whip out a post on my favourite underrated ladies.

Firstly, The Birds of Prey
Barbara 'Oracle' Gordon, Black Canary, Huntress, and Lady Blackhawk

Now I love comics but I do find myself growing annoyed with the way the few awesome women in my DC universe are treated. Not many female characters have their own story lines and, when they're included in the main titles, it's often in the capacity of a wife or girlfriend (even if these ladies have powers of their own). This is why I'm digging Birds of Prey. The ladies take on their own cases, solve their own crimes, and fight their own battles. I wasn't around for the first Birds of Prey series but I'm getting quite a kick out of the new series and catching up on their history.

It's always nice to have women in fiction kicking metric tons of ass and having personalities. Seriously? Women? With personalities? In my comics? AWESOME. I have a love/hate relationship with the art but the story-line keeps me coming back. And it's awesome female superheroes. What else do you need?

On a personal note: I'm seriously considering going as Black Canary for Halloween even though I imagine everyone will say, "Great Lady Gaga costume!".


Wrestling is my new obsession.

The WWE's Divas division's tag line is "Smart, Sexy and Powerful". There's only a few Divas that embody all three characteristics with two of my favourites being in that few. The first is Beth Phoenix and the other is Natayla (Natalie Neidhart).

Every time this girl is given a jobber entrance (no music and she's in the ring as the match starts) or a 2 minute match, I want to punch the TV. She is as brilliant a wrestler as Daniel Bryan but neither are being used to their full potential on WWE programming. Another fist through the TV moment is whenever she's called "fat" by either another female wrestler or that douche-canoe Michael Cole.

I quite admire Nat's obvious love for what she does. Whereas the majority of the other Divas wear the title as just another piece of jewelry, she wears it with the same reverence that the boys hold the World Championship. She takes it seriously while her peers spend their time on the catwalk. Keep your Maryses, WWE universe! I'd rather have Nattie on my tag team.

And I'm totally dyeing a pink strand into my hair because of her.


So I went to Australia for 3 things: 1) it's gorgeous, 2) Australia Zoo is there, and 3) it's the homeland of Ms. Kylie Minogue

But Kylie, like Doctor Who, is not appreciated in North America. And that is just sad.

When this bad boy starts a-jumpin', I defy anyone not to shake their butt to it

Back in my early 20s, I wanted to write a musical (ABBA-style) using Kylie's entire Fever album. I still want to. It would be bad-ass. And it would bring Kylie her much-deserved American break (and a concert date in Winnipeg for me).


There are certain life defining moments. My first one was when I saw Batman for the first time. The second was when I saw Mulan at 12.

Seriously, whenever I have children, this is the only Disney movie they're going to be allowed to watch. Little Dinah Lance and Little Bruce Wayne will thank me when they grow up with Mulan as the only Princess in their Disney canon. I was one of those little girls that wanted to be Prince Phillip instead of Princess Aurora. I wanted to slay dragons and always hated that, because I was a girl, I could never do it (never mind that whole bit about dragons not being real).

I wish I had been a bit younger when Mulan came out as I probably wouldn't have been so hard on myself for not being born a boy if I had her as a role model. Oh well, at least I've found awesome women to emulate in my older incarnation.

Now if only the Disney Store would release a Mulan costume for girls that wasn't the dress she wore to the Matchmaker's, Disney would have my respect.


So, now that you've reached the end of this post, I highly advise you check out a Natalya match, watch Mulan, listen to a Kylie Minogue song, and READ A BIRDS OF PREY COMIC.

Let the following song convince you cause after all....

While all the boys can always save the day, no one does it better than The Birds of Prey!

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