Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Anger as Beauty

U2 will be sad to know that I've been cheating on them with someone else.

Ladies and gentlemen, Hawksley Workman

I've seen U2 three times in concert. I will have seen Hawksley five times come April when he plays the West End Cultural Center in my fair city.

My first Hawksley concert was back in 2004 and I didn't see him again until 2007. That 2007 concert held the top spot on the list of The Best Concerts Sonya Has Ever Attended for 3 years. And that list included two U2 shows.

Everyone knows my U2 fan flag flies high so it surprises people that U2 hadn't held the number one spot on that list.

So how does a Canadian with a guitar take the Biggest Band in the World down a peg for a girl that absolutely adores them?

That's me holding up the camera at 0:18

Well, the small concerts he puts on for one.

The above video is a bit of that 2007 concert. That show had less than 250 people there and it was only Hawksley on guitar and vocals with his pianist Mr. Lonely on piano and backing vocals. When I saw the setup when we arrived at the venue, I was certain things weren't going to be that exciting. Oh, ye of little faith, Sonya. Not only was I blown out of my Red Chucks but I spent that whole concert with my eyes like this


How many musicians can blow you away with just a guitar and their voice? Not that many I'll tell ya.

And that concert was just so darn intimate. When my sister and I were reminiscing about the concert as we walked home, I told her that we were so close to Hawksley that, when he blinked, I could feel his eyelashes on my cheek. Whereas U2 is at their best when a legion of 50000 strong are singing along and bringing down the stadium with their jumping, Hawksley is at his best with a smaller audience. I've seen Hawksley at bigger venues and he was great but I'm really glad that the upcoming show will be a solo show at a venue similar in size to the 2007 venue.

He may regain his trophy yet! He just has to sing You and The Candles to me like he did back in 2007 *hearts in eyes*

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