Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Theme Song Power Up

When your show's opening theme song starts to play, your enemies are fucked

I'm the laziest person alive. If I could, I would lie on my couch with my Wii projecting onto the ceiling and play Zelda for hours. It takes a lot to motivate me to go to the gym. It takes a lot more to keep me at the gym.

This is where my iPod comes in handy. Music is a great motivator and I have one ever evolving playlist that I use specifically at the gym. I call it "Brown Eyed Samurai".

It also doubles as my "kick your ass" soundtrack. It includes a bit of everything from Garbage to En Vogue to Billy Idol to a few wrestling theme songs. All of them are pretty fast paced and include lyrics relating to pushing forward and throwing down your enemy to smote his ruin upon the mountain side.

Of the 49 songs on the playlist, I have a few set favourites, all of which need to be played at maximum volume.

This song became one of my major "You Go, Girl" themes after someone set it to a Supergirl fan video. Minute 2:05 to 2:30 got me through many boring skipping rope sessions.

Back when I was still boxing, I loved to listen to this song while I practiced. I like the slow build, I also really like the lyrics. The song makes me feel really defiant and I once punched a bag off the hook while listening to this track (Yes, the bag was on a single rickety nail but I still punched it off!).

If I were ever to samurai sword fight someone, this would be the song I demand be played as we fought. I know it has absolutely nothing to do with beating someone up (the song is actually about the death of Stevie's uncle) but it's still one of the most bad-ass and epic songs in existence. It can hold its own with the hardest stuff on the playlist even though the lyrics are far softer than the music and intensity of the vocals would let on:
Just like the white winged dove
Sings a song
Sounds like she's singing

And that guitar riff! Who says songs about mourning someone have to be solemn?

I swear, The Miz has become one of my favourite wrestlers mainly because of how awesome his theme is. It's what every wrestling theme song should be: hard, fast, and tells the world how you're going to beat it down. It's really good for the last bits of a workout when you feel like your legs are going to give out from under you.

Done, I'm done; I'm on to the next one

I defy anyone to listen to this song and not feel like going out to fight crime.

The most badass bits of this song are from 2:45 until the end. It makes you feel like you're in the final act of your action film and are preparing for the most stylized kung fu sequence against the antagonist after fighting through legions of minions. And you smile to yourself because you know you're going to win.

This is my tricep song. I have the weakest, little boy arms when it comes to anything related to the tricep and I need all the badassery I can get.


I will need the playlist in the next few days as I've recently started running to try and kick myself out of my laziness. I always need to do a bit more high intensity cardio and I've always wanted to start running.

I think this song will be the perfect soundtrack:

Off with your head, dance till you're dead

Off to the gym.

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  1. To add a little extra nerdy motivation, make sure you throw in "The Touch" by Stan Bush, from the Transformers: The Movie soundtrack. Every time I hear that song while running, I immediately start to push just a little harder!