Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Stronger Together

I'm a huge Superman nerd and will get into huge nerd arguments about how awesome he is. As a girl, I loved that he could fly. As an adult, I like that he's an endless fountain of hope and optimism in a world that tends to value anti-heroes.

I was also a HUGE fan of the Helen Slater version of Supergirl.

I always wanted to do that dip your hand in the lake as you fly over it thing.

So when I found out that there was going to be a Supergirl tv show. I was like, meh. Gotham turned out to be this batshit fanfic straight out of the mind of a 13-year-old girl and Man of Steel made me hate where DC was going with Supes so I had little hope for it.

Until I saw a Supergirl photoset on tumblr and saw that HER SHOES WERE SENSIBLE. 

So I watched the pilot and was charmed by her dorkiness, her optimism, and her sweetness.

Then I found out that this show is wall to wall women and I was down as hell for it!


I'm only two episodes in but I just went hard on that show. I love its celebration of femininity, that Kara has so many awesome women in her life, and that being a "girl" isn't a negative thing. She begins to take it and own it.

I also really love her relationship with her older sister and the season-long subplot related to her Kryptionian aunt's relationship with her birth mother. Kara and Alex's relationship is so refreshing and multifacted and ARGH THIS SHOW GOT ME SO HYPED.

But my favourite thing so far is the value of help to Kara. Kara tries to get all Superman in her first few outings as Supergirl and she ends up causing a mess of things. So she gets help from her friends James, Wynn, and her sister. In the second episode Kara tells James,

"Back on Krypton no one was their own man. Growing up I was taught that to accept help from people is not a shame, it's an honour."

AND I LIKE THAT. She's not just a refugee alien and one of the last of her kind that must go it alone. She's going to get help and be better for it.

There's an unabashed sweetness about this show that I'm just loving. And it reminds me why I like the House of El: they inspire you to always aspire to be better. And this show is unabashed with its positivity, which I think people are missing the point of. It's not Gotham and it's not Daredevil. It's a show about a woman that wants to make things better. It's a show about women helping other women. AND I AM ONLY TWO EPISODES IN. ARGH I AM SO HYPED.

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