Sunday, October 6, 2013

"I could never love anyone as I love my sisters"

Yes, Dudes and Dudettes, major-league butt-kicking is back in town.

The only way I can explain what it's like to have a sister is to tell you to read "Little Women". The novel follows the lives of four sisters – Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy March – detailing their passage from childhood to adulthood. I read it as a teenager when a friend described me as a Jo and I wasn't certain whether to take that as a compliment especially after this friend told me my sister and I were essentially Amy and Jo.

I could also tell you to watch "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" to sum up my sibling relationship. It's the story of 4 brothers fighting crime in the big city...who just happen to be mutated teenaged turtles. Whenever we'd play Turtles on the playground, I was Leonardo. My sister would be Michelangelo and would get mad when I told her she was more of a Raphael.

As far as I can tell, we aren't mutations.

TMNT and Little Women: Basically the same story.

I remember the day my sister was born. I was just about two and it was the summer. I ran out of the elevator and yelled for my mother who was in a hospital room with my sister in her arms. As I felt that everything my parents did was a gift to me, I presumed the baby was mine. I screamed "my baby" until I was allowed to hold her. There's a picture of this moment where I ham it up for the camera, while my sister is exhausted in my little tubby arms while my mom is cautiously behind us ready to grab my sister if I were to drop her.

There are very few pictures from our childhood where she and I are pictured separately. She being 20 months younger than me, we were always close (even when I didn't want to be). Whenever I'd try to sneak out of the house to play with my friends, my mom would catch me and yell out the kitchen window, "TAKE YOUR SISTER". On days with terrible weather, we were each other's best friend.

But sometimes that kid just rubs me the wrong way. I see her as hot headed and she sees me a selfish. She'd sit on my chest when we were kids until I tapped out. I used to hang onto her thumbs with both hands until she was yelling for our dad. We both remind each other of embarrassing stories from our childhood (which will be left in the vault of our family) and call each other horrible nicknames ("Creepella" is a favourite that we alternate use of).


“…Jo loved a few persons very dearly and dreaded to have their affection lost or lessened in any way.” 
Little Women


People made fun of me after my sister got her first real boyfriend and all I did was complain about him. How they went to Wal-Mart for some reason and just hung out. Their constant dates to Burger King. Him teaching her about cool shows like Regular Show.  I didn't want to admit that I resented the poor guy for taking up time I felt belonged to me when it came to my sister.


He's dull as powder, Meg. Can't you at least marry someone amusing? 


I finally revealed to her how I felt after we got into an argument about my assy behaviour around her boyfriend. After she poked fun at me for being jealous of her boyfriend, she told me we'd return to regular hanging out.


Together, there is nothing your...minds cannot accomplish. Help each other, draw upon one another, and always remember the power that binds you. 
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1990


I still see my sister as the Amy March and Raphael to my Jo March and Leonardo. Both pairs have volatile relationships that cycle between extremes. However they are the closest siblings within their families and are prepared to do almost anything for the other. When Leo is about to be stabbed by the Shredder at the end of TMNT, it's Raph that throws his weapons away first to save Leo's life even though they had spent most of their time together earlier in the film at odds. When Amy falls through thin ice, Jo skates frantically to save her and walks home in her bloomers, giving whatever clothes she could to Amy to keep her warm. This was a few days after Amy burned Jo's manuscript (which she had been working on for years) and Jo told her mother that she'd never forgive her.

I feel stronger with you close by

When my relationship of four years ended in a catastrophic fashion that left me severely broken hearted, my sister took the next bus into the city to be with me and just let me cry for three days.  This was after I hadn't seen her for awhile due to how restrictive my relationship with my ex had been. Last year, when a doctor informed me that I would need an MRI to see if I had a brain tumour, the first person I wanted to see was my sister, who hugged me for half an hour while I freaked out.

I've never had fights like the fights I've had with my sister and we have even threatened to never talk to the other again after some of those fights. But it is the other who we seek out when we're upset or hurt (including just after the fights we have). I admire her and think she's gorgeous. She supports me in every crazy scheme I concoct and listens to me when I need someone to bounce ideas off of. When I was in Australia, I wished she had been there with me so we could see the sights together and I bet she felt the same way when she went to San Diego the first time.

Despite our Noel and Liam Gallagher-esque battles, my relationship with my sister is extremely important to me and I doubt I'd make such a big deal about stuff that involves her if I didn't care so much. After seeing my dad lose so much time with his own siblings due to family feuds and what not, I promised myself I wouldn't let it happen to my sister and I.

Besides, she's the only person who likes U2 as much as I do.

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